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February 2nd 2017: Winona back in the spotlight!

A few days ago, as I scanned the news, I noticed an old friend I had not seen for awhile. I have been a Winona fan for a very long time, but somehow I had entirely missed the success of her latest project. Fortunately I have Netflix! I checked out 'Stranger Things' and discovered a new favorite show.

Stranger Things is very much a typical Winona project. It is quirky, offbeat and a little different from everything else out there. There are many details that remind me of growing up in the 1980s. I had a BMX type bike and a walkie-talkie just like the kids in the show. It is great to see that it has found a huge audience and the Winona is once again getting recognized for the quality of her acting.

My enjoyment of this show has motivated me to get around to doing some long overdue maintenance on this site. I've also added a few new pictures from the more recent events. I'll try to do some more updates over the next few months.