Gallery Six: Winona and Celebs
Winona and Brittany MurphyNoni, Mila Kunis and Barbara Hershey
Winona imageWinona image
Winona and Courtney LoveWinona and ?
Winona imageWinona image
Winona and Michael MooreWinona and Timothy Burton
Winona imageWinona image
Winona and Christian SlaterNoni with Natalie Portman
Winona imageWinona image
Noni and Angelina JolieWinona and Sean Penn
Winona imageWinona image
Winona and Gwyneth PaltrowNoni and Michelle Pfeiffer
Winona and Gwyneth PaltrowWinona and Michelle Pfeiffer
Winona, Woody Harrelson and Richard LinklaterNoni with JT Leroy
Winona at Scanner Darkly premier with Woody Harrelson at left and director Richard Linklater at rightWinona with fake JT Leroy. I think the person at top left is Laura Albert, who is the real author behind the JT Leroy books
Winona and Clare DanesNoni and Sigourney Weaver
Winona and Clare Danes, who starred together in Little WomenWinona and Sigourney Weaver. They appeared together in Alien : Resurrection
Winona with Bono and Kevin SpaceyNoni and Brittany Murphy
Winona with U2's Bono on the left and Kevin Spacey at rightWinona and Brittany Murphy, who appeared together in Girl Interrupted